mazon Cardamom Tea Premix_No Sugar

Amazon Tea Premix – No Sugar (1 kg)


This is a Vegetarian product.
  • No Added Sugar Tea premix powder
  • 150-160 cups in 1 Kg pack
  • 100 ml per cup
  • Ideal for Offices, Factories, Shops, Canteens

Product details:

Pack Size 1 kg
Type of Tea Cardamom
Best Before 6 Months
Packaging Type Packet
Ingredients Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Instant Tea Powder, Cardamom Powder

Contact 7000138343 for bulk deals.


Amazon Tea Premix – Without Sugar

Amazon Tea Premix – without sugar  is a very popular premix brand from Vending Updates India. It is ideal for ideal for Offices, Factories, Shops & Canteens. It is for usage in hot as well as cold tea  & Coffee vending machines.

Why Amazon Tea Premix without Sugar is so much in demand?

Since these days “Sugar” has become one of very common problem and everyone is  very serious on this problem. Solution lies in Sugarless products.  Hence Amazon Tea Premix  without sugar is one of the most sought after premix.

Since, all users may have different tastes, therefore we also supply Sugar Sachets & Stirrers. Users can make good tea as they want. We also supply use & throw paper cups & Paper cup holder.

Are there more premixes available?

Yes. We supply huge variety of premixes varieties available, there include:

  • Hot Premixes: Coffee,  Tea Premix*,  Dairy Whitener , Tomato Soup Premix. (Tea Premix comes with variety of flavours including Cardamom, Ginger, Masala, Lemon)
  • Cold Premixes: Lemon Tea Premix, Cold Coffee Premix,  Nimboo Paani Premix
  • Tea Bags: Green Tea Bags, Lemon Honey Green Teabags, Masala Teabags, Plain Tea Bags

Where these premixes and vending machines get used?

Tea-Coffee Premixes are used wherever bulk consumption is required. We provide Hot & Cold Tea and Coffee Vending Machines for this bulk preparation. This resolves problem of making tea and coffee again and again. Moreover, it is safe in current COVID times. We supply to B2B clients all over Delhi NCR. These clients include Corporate Offices, Factories, Shops, Canteens.

From where can we order premixes and vending machines?

We are just a call / SMS/message away from you. To order premixes & Vending machines, contact us on 7000-138343 or write to us on We hand deliver to more than 400 corporate all over in Delhi NCR. Also we ship the cartons of premixes to cities outside Delhi NCR.



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