Kadak Masala Tea Premix

Kadak Masala Tea Premix (1 Kg Pack)


Product details:

Pack Size 1 kg
Type of Tea Masala Tea Premix
Best Before 6 Months
Brand Kadak by Vending Updates India
Packaging Type Packet
Ingredients Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Instant Tea Powder, Cardamom Powder, Ginger Powder

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Kadak Masala Tea Premix

Kadak Masala Tea Premix is very refreshing, healthy and tasty beverage. Here are its features:

  • It is a Vegetarian product
  • Used with Tea-coffee vending machines
  • approx. 120 cups in 1 Kg pack, 100 ml per cup
  • Ideal for Offices, Factories, Shops, Canteens
  • Sweeter in taste

We provide premix of Amazon, Cafe Express, Kadak (Vending Updates brands) & Godrej (Godrej Vending Brand). You can order full case of 12 packs (1 Kg each) at wholesale rate in Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida.

We also provide large variety of Premixes and Tea-Coffee- Soup Vending machines.

Who are the users of Amazon Masala Tea Premix?

Traditionally, Masala Tea is preferred during winter season as it causes body heat to increase and helps users to fight with cold. Hence, everyone uses Masala tea premix. However, in current COVID times, In current times, importance as well as demand of Masala Tea Premix has increased as it not only increase body temp but also boosts immunity levels of users. it is potential boon to fight germs, virus and other infection causing  bacteria.

Its user is each person who wants to remain healthy and feel good. Usually, people used to consume Masala Tea in handmade mode with boiling water, but during current COVID times, its consumption is increasing through Tea Vending machines. Vending Machines not only provide  safe & hygienic way to dispense cup of fresh tea, but also provide consistency of taste, Variety of beverages & most importantly ,instant solution as compared to wait of min 10-15 mins for handmade tea. But through Tea-Coffee vending machines, you get cup of hot Masala Tea just at the press of button.

What are the types of vending machines available for home / office use?

We supply large variety of beverage vending machines. This includes:

  • 2 Lane Hot Tea Coffee Vending Machine (Plastic body): . small offices, Start-ups, Showrooms, clinics, chambers & professionals as well as bachelors.
  • 2 Lane Hot Tea Coffee Vending Machine (Steel body): Ideal for large usage of 200-300 cups a day. Customers use any 2 premixes of their choice.
  • 3 Lane Hot Tea Coffee Vending Machine (Steel body): This machine comes with 1 more jar extra over the 2 lane machine. Customers use it for Tomato Soup in winters & Lemon Tea in Summer season.
  • 4 Lane Hot Tea Coffee Vending Machine (Steel body): This machine comes with 1 more jar extra over the 3 lane machine. Customers use it for Dip Tea (milk from vending machine PLUS tea bags of Tata premium . Taj Mahal / Tetley).  
  • Hot & Cold Tea Coffee Vending Machine (Steel body): This machine comes with 5 jars and dispenses 6-8 hot beverages & 2 cold beverages. It is popular machine for large offices and very popular beverage vending machine for beverages like Cold coffee, Cafe Latte, Cage Mocha, Cappuccino as well as Espresso shots.

Where are these vending machines used?

Since, it is not easy to make tea and coffee in bulk throughout the day, therefore we provide Hot & Cold Tea and Coffee Vending Machines for this large quantity preparation. This resolves problem of making tea and coffee again and again. Moreover, in current COVID times, it is safe to have untouched beverages. We supply to B2B clients all over Delhi NCR. Our clients include not only Corporate Offices, Factories, Shops, college Canteens but also Hospitals, Restaurant, Travel companies & other establishments.

From where can we order Vending machines and Premixes?

We are just a call / message away from you. To order Vending machines & its consumables, contact us on 7000-13-83-43 or write to us on We supply to more than 400 corporate in entire Delhi NCR. Also we ship the full cases of premixes to cities outside Delhi NCR.

For Bulk / Corporate deals, contact 7000138343 / 0129-4142000

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Weight 1 kg


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