Western 1005 L Visi cooler

Western 1005 Liter Visi Cooler | SRC 1005-GL


Technical Specifications:

Gross Volume 910 Liters
External Dimensions 1025 (W) x 767 (D) x 2102 (H)
Internal Dimensions 945 (W) x 622 (D) x 1597 (H)
Capacity/ Facing
330ml Cans: 1040 nos.;7+7
500ml Pet: 520 nos.;7+7
Shelf 5 + 5 nos.
Container Loading 
20’ FCL: 13 units
40’ FCL: 28 units


Advantages of Western 1005 Liter Visi Cooler

Western 1005 Liter Visi Cooler has many advantages.

  • Tropicalized Operation
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Maintenance Free Condenser
  • Integrated Door Handle
  • LED Lighting
  • Temperature Indicator (Optional)
  • High Ambient Machine
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • IP24 compliant
  • Quiet Compressor
  • Safety Complaint
  • Lock And Key arrangement

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Why Western Freezers & Visi Coolers are so popular?

To become popular, any brand needs to have the following qualities:

  • Wide range of products
  • Technological superiority
  • Performance beyond expectations
  • Superior after sales service:

Western Hard top & Glass top Deep Freezers, Visi Coolers & Visi Freezers are technologically advanced and manufactured based on well researched and proven technology. Company’s technological collaboration with Hoshizaki has further given advantage increased designed after years driven by best choice for storage & display of Veg & Non-veg foods & Dairy items.


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