Koolen water cooler SS150150

Koolen Full Steel Water Cooler SS150150


Product Specification

Model Name/NumberSS510150
Storage Capacity150 L
Cooling Capacity150 L per hour
Number Of Taps2
Body MaterialStainless Steel
WarrantyOne Year – Onsite

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Koolen Full Steel Water Cooler 150ltr

Koolen Full Steel water cooler SS150150 comes with Stainless steel body as well as storage tank of grade. It is compact with 150 Liter/hour cooling capacity and 150 Liter storage capacity. It has 2 tap for cold water.

Where to use Koolen Full Steel 150 ltr water Cooler?

Since Koolen water Cooler SS150150 gives 150 Liter of cold water at any time, it is popularly used at office, factory,  residential society, shopping mall. Also customers take it to donate at hospital, school or college and in market place as Pyau.

Why are Koolen water Coolers so popular?

Thanks to a powerful and rugged compressor, Koolen range of water coolers cool water surprisingly fast. Also, they come with Full stainless steel body, making them more durable. Not just that, together with the power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty, the Koolen water coolers are complete value for money. What’s more, even eco-friendly versions of these coolers are available. So you don’t just get cold water, you also get a healthy environment, for years to come.

Salient features of Koolen Water Cooler:

  • Stainless Steel body
  • Stainless Steel tank
  • Easy controls
  • Speedy drainage
  • Wide range of Water Coolers from 20 L to 400 L storage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Power-saving PUF insulation
  • Faster cooling
  • Sturdy compressor and trouble-free operation
  • Silent operation
  • Nationwide Blue Star network for prompt service

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