Euronova 250-350-450 Glass Top

Euronova EGT200 | 200 Ltr Flat Glass Top Freezer


Technical Specifications
Internal Capacity : 200 Ltrs
Unit Size WxDxH 930*540*805 mm
Temperature Range (-17 Deg C to -24 Deg C ) Adjustable
Type : Flat Glass Top
Basket One
Climate Type : Tropicalized, Can perform at even 42 degree.
Function Display & Storage of Frozen food items
Door Sliding Glass Door
Insulation thickness 65mm
Foot/Wheels Casters
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50HZ
Input Power(W) 165 (W)
Temperature Control Manual
Refrigerant (Gas) R-134
Compressor brand Donper

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Euronova 200L Flat Glasstop Freezer | EGT200

What is unique in Euronova 200L Flat Glasstop Freezer?

Euronova 200L flat glasstop freezer or EGT200 is used not only for storage of Icecreams but also for Frozen food like Smileys, Safal Matar, Corns, dry fruits  etc. Hence, it is very popular among Kirana shop, Bakery, Restaurant, Dhaba, Medical Shop, Hotel, Factory.

If you are looking for display of Icecream, Veg-Non-Veg food or juices, Cold drinks, Dairy items, Cake etc, then you must buy this Flat Glass Top freezer to get the best experience.

What makes Euronova Freezers & Chillers so much in demand?

Firstly, Euronova Chest freezers are the best tropicalized machines which can operate in high ambient temperature of even 45 to 48 Dec C. It almost means that you can keep your machine outside in the Sunlight and still you get the perfect cooling !!!

Secondly,  each Euronova machine uses best of the best components, namely, Compressor of Donper & Emerson make, Fan Motor of EBM, Controller of Dixell. Company has given top most quality in each machine. That is precisely why it is Service Free Machine.

Thirdly, Euronova machines come with Dynamic Cooling where as other companies use Monoblock cooling. In Dynamic Cooling, direct blast of cooling comes on product and you get faster cooling of product, for instance.

Our customers include Amul, Mother Dairy, Vadilal, Creambell, Pepsi, Baskin Robbins, McCann, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Chaipoint, Patanjali, Keventers, Swiggy, Haldiram’s, Gopaljee, Vita, Paras etc.

Each Euronova machine comes with unique features such as:

  • 65 to 75 mm PUF insulation
  • Energy saving condenser & highly efficient compressor
  • Convertible machines to give you chiller & freezer in same machine
  • Uniform temperature controller in all models
  • Service Free machines
  • Ultra silent performance
  • Low electricity bill due to dual insulation for better refrigeration effect
  • Body made of pre-painted galvanised steel which makes it robust & rust resistant
  • (Optional) protective voltage stabilizer to safeguard the machine against severe voltage fluctuations

Are there more variety of Chillers & Freezers available?

Yes. We supply large variety of Chillers, freezers and Visi coolers from multiple brands like Blue Star, Voltas, Celfrost, Trufrost, Euronova, Western, Rockwell, Nirvana, Godrej, Elanpro, Adwin, Panasonic. Therefore, our range includes:

From where can we order Deep Freezers and Chillers?

We are just a call / SMS/ message away from you. To order Freezers, Chillers, Visi Coolers or any other refrigeration machine, Call / WhatsApp us on 7000-138343 or write to us on

We supply to Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, IceCream Factory, IceCream Distributor, Canteen, Hospital, Office, Bakery & others in Delhi NCR as well as other cities in India.


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